placeofold wondered, Felicity Buried alive and talking to Oliver. Maybe Oliver having trouble/getting frustrated with the computers because they are taking too long


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"Where is she?" Oliver yells through the comms as he races through the darkened cemetery.

"Keep running straight 500 feet and then take a sharp left," Diggle replies, voice strained.

"Oliver," Felicity starts, voice small from either fear or a lack of oxygen, he doesn’t want to think which "if I don’t—"

"You’re going to make it, Felicity," he cuts her off, straining to pick up speed. "I’ll be there soon."

"I know," she says drowsily. "But my battery is almost out and in case you don’t, I—" The line goes dead silent.

"Felicity! Felicity!" Oliver yells, panicking.

"I’ve lost the signal," Diggle says, "but you should be there now. Do you see any fresh graves?" Oliver looks around desperately and nearly falls to his knees at what he finds.

"There are two," he says.

"Pick one and start digging.I’ll be there as soon as I can."

Oliver stands a moment, reading the headstones as if they can tell him which one Felicity is beneath, chooses the mound on the left and then begins shoveling the dirt out of the way like a man possessed.

She has to survive. She has to. He doesn’t know what he’ll do if she doesn’t. He’s been so stupid. He knew not starting a relationship with her wouldn’t be enough to keep her safe. He should have cut her off from the Arrow too, never let her anywhere near him again. But he was too selfish for that. He couldn’t live without her completely and now she’s paying the price.

He makes bargains with whatever higher power might be listening as he digs, promising to never kill again, to break all ties with her, to do anything as long as she lives. His whole body is aching with the effort of digging when he finally feels the shovel scrape against something hard.

"Felicity," he yells, falling to his knees to clear the rest of the dirt away with his hands. There’s no answer and he worries he’s chosen the wrong grave or he’s too late until he wrenches open the coffin’s lid and finds her inside, unconscious.

"Felicity," he yells again, reaching down to pull her out and sobbing in relief when he finds her pulse weak but still there.

He climbs out of the grave and the act of hauling her onto the damp grass next to it jostles her awake.

"Oliver," she mutters when her eyes flutter open, one hand coming up to weakly grip the material of his shirt.

"I’m here," he says, brushing the hair out of her face and glancing around fruitlessly for her glasses.

"I was so scared," she says, starting to cry.

"I know, I know. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I didn’t get here sooner," he says, a wave of hate running through him at the prospect of finding the bastard who did this.

"Thank you, thank you" she says, sitting up to wrap her arms around him. He moves to meet her but doesn’t realize that he means to kiss her until their lips meet. He fears she’ll move away for a moment until her hands come up to the side of his face to keep him from doing so.

Still, he pulls away anyway because she needs to catch her breath. But now that he’s started, he can’t stop, promises be damned. He kisses her hands, her nose, her cheeks–her tears salty on his lips–until he can’t keep away from her lips any longer.

What would you do if you were Felicity Smoak? >


I’ve been reading posts about some fans feeling down because Felicity will be dating a lot this season and she’ll probably have a relationship with Ray Palmer. I can understand feeling sad coz Olicity happy times won’t last long and our babies will go through hard times and the wait will be…

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Loving Laurel was about the past. Loving Felicity is about the future. When Oliver let Laurel go, he was letting go of the past. When Oliver lets Felicity go, he’s letting go of the future. And there’s only one of those Oliver’s going to want back. There’s only one of those Oliver will fight to get back. To be The Arrow, Oliver needs to hold onto Oliver Queen. The only way he holds onto Oliver Queen is to hope for a future. And the only future Oliver wants is one with Felicity.

2x01 was an ending. 3x01 is a beginning.

” —


This woman! She gets it, she understands these characters so perfectly. Unbelievable. Every important point is summed up nicely in this quote. It’s so true…so very true.

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I knew I had read somewhere that there would be a reference to the one cup of coffee in Season 3!!

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OLICITY!!!!!! <333

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Arrow Countdown: 8 Days

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Ok so… I found this in We Heart It and can’t stop laughing… Btw: I’m with Diggle, I just may add “pretty please”

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Even more romantic and heartbreaking (video source x)

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Shipping is so weird. You’re basically in love with their love and you get all these very real feelings. You blush and you get butterflies when they look at each other or stand next to each other even, and your heart makes all these pangs and skips and does the tango. And when things fall apart it really does feel like your hearts breaking. and it’s just so weird. 

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Arrow season 2 episode 21

Oliver and Felicity [35/?]

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I just watched the last three episodes of Season 2 of Arrow and “He took the wrong woman” still gets me Every. Freaking. Time.

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Anonymous wondered, Where are all the feminists now when it comes to Felicity’s proposed chastity belt? A woman’s perfection, level of devotion, and purity of heart have nothing to do with how tight she keeps her legs clamped together while waiting for her knight to show up/get his act together. Any happily married man will tell you he doesn’t care where his wife learned how to ride D like that; he’s just happy she chose to ride his for the rest of her life.




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Replies >


thenerddess replied to your post:'His' secret is now 'their' secret. Eh, not really. I'm with Oliver on that one. It wasn't Felicity's secret to tell. Like I get the whole he was dying and she couldn't handle losing him, but she did still betray that trust. But oh well, it worked itself…

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Anonymous wondered, Olicity, Bangel, Stelena... Only one can end up together. Which do you choose?


What is UP with you Anons and your Sophie’s Choice asks? They torture me!!! ;)

I have actually mulled this over the ENTIRE weekend. I would choose….


Olicity. Allow me to explain:

Stelena: This was the first to go. Why? Because I don’t actually like Vampire Elena. I feel like I got my “happy” ending in the S3 finale. Human Elena - Stefan’s Elena- chose him. Stefan was her last human choice, when she was truly herself and her heart was pure. The 4x01 confession scene was Stefan & Elena’s goodbye scene that we never got in 3x22. I just didn’t realize that until 4x23. Why? Because Human Elena died that night on the bridge and she’s not coming back. Maybe Vampire Elena can find he way back to Stefan but it’ll never be the same. When Elena was truly Elena, Stefan was her choice and that’s enough for me.

Bangel: The fact that I didn’t pick Bangel was a SHOCKER to me. Here’s why - they are my OTP for life. I will probably never love any couple the way I love Bangel (although Olicity is getting pretty damn close). BUT part of my love for them is intricately connected to their pain. The idea that they are soul mates, destined for one another, but the universe won’t allow them to be together….that’s beautiful to me. I was happy with the Buffy series finale. Buffy acknowledged that she’ll always love Angel - that’s where her heart is. That when she thinks about a future, it’s always going to be him. But they are heroes. They are meant to be out in the world fighting, saving the world from unspeakable demons. They don’t actually need to be together for their love to survive. Their love is what gives each other strength to fight the good fight…separate but always together in their hearts. 

Buffy has a natural light to her, an innate goodness, that no matter how much life broke her down she always was able to hold on to that part of her soul. The part of her that wanted to fight. Even as isolated as the Slayer is, Buffy always found a way to hold onto herself. Even when she did lose herself (in S6) she found her way back. Even when she didn’t have Angel, she had her friends. When she didn’t have her friends…she still had herself. Buffy always saved Buffy.

In the beginning, Angel lived for Buffy. She was the reason he wanted to become something better. After Amends it switched. Angel wanted to become a better man not for Buffy but BECAUSE of Buffy. There’s a difference. That’s what made him leave town and to fight the good fight…on his own. That desire to become more and be better lived inside Angel. Even when he lost his way, he always found his way back. His reason to fight was TO FIGHT. If nothing we do matters, than all that matters is what we do. 

I’m okay without them being together because I KNOW they can survive not being together. They hold on to that love and it’s what helps them stay the course, but they don’t lose themselves in the pain. The pain strengthens them because as Angel said…

"How can we be together if the cost is your life or the lives of others?"

Being out in the world saves lives. It’s the epitome of selfless love. Buffy & Angel don’t belong to themselves or each other…they belong to the world.

Basically? Joss Whedon fucked me up beyond belief and made me LIKE PAIN.

Olicity: Maybe it’s because they are my current obsession and maybe it’s because it’s so new and full of hope. That’s what I initially thought…but then I realized it’s bigger than that.

Oliver is a hero just like Buffy, just like Angel. In many respects, Oliver doesn’t belong to himself. He belongs to the city - or The Arrow belongs to the city.

But Oliver loses himself in pain. He loses himself in self hatred. He loses himself in guilt. He loses himself in loss. He retreats inside of himself and isolates himself. No matter where he is or who he is fighting - Oliver remains on that Island. He will always remain on that Island unless someone finds him and rescues him.

Oliver needs someone to pull him out of his darkness. Oliver needs someone to harness the light inside of him.  That’s the only way Oliver is truly himself. It’s the only way he can be both Oliver Queen and The Arrow and stay sane. It’s the only way he can hold onto his soul. It’s the only way he’s truly free.

You are fighting a war Queen. Except you have  no idea what war does to you- how it scrapes away tiny pieces of your soul. And you need someone to remind you of who you really are, not this thing you are becoming.

Diggle is right. Alone, Oliver turns into the worst version of himself. Why? Because he doesn’t believe he deserves love or is someone worth loving. He needs that someone to remind him of who he really is. I think Oliver needs to BE WITH the person he loves. He needs that person standing by his side, loving him day in and day out - no matter what. THAT’S what strengthens Oliver. He also needs to love in return. He needs a place for that light to go…something beyond The Arrow & saving the city. 

Felicity is that person. She’s the only person who loves Oliver unconditionally. She’s the only person that can harness the light inside Oliver. She’s also the person Oliver needs to love. He needs to love Felicity, because loving Felicity gives Oliver strength. His love for her is what makes him strong, it’s what makes him believe that he can become a hero. Without it, without her…he’s lost.

He’s willing to sacrifice his happiness to keep her safe. He loves her selflessly. He even puts the city before himself. BUT unlike Angel & Buffy…Oliver will not be okay on his own. Yes, he will always have his love for her but he will lose himself in The Arrow without Felicity. Without Felicity, Oliver Queen ceases to exist and The Arrow ceases to be a force of light. Why? Because The Arrow needs Oliver Queen to BE the light. The two are interdependent on one another….making both dependent on Felicity.

I think that’s one of the reasons Oliver is going to break up with Felicity. At his core, Oliver Queen is a survivor. He’s survived so much pain, torture and death. He’s had his heart broken - Helena, Laurel, Sara…and he’s always survived.

But if Oliver loses Felicity…if Felicity dies - Oliver knows that he cannot survive that. So staying away is self preservation. 

The problem is, it’s too late. He’s in love with her. He needs her. He cannot survive without her. By staying away he’s condemning himself to the very isolation that can destroy him.

That’s why I believe, that of all these hero stories - Stefan & Elena, Buffy & Angel, Oliver & Felicity…OLIVER is the one who needs the happy ending. Without it, I don’t have the confidence that Oliver can save himself. The person that always poses the most danger to Oliver…is Oliver. Without that piece of happiness- the part of his heart that is just for him, the part that belongs only to him, Felicity, Oliver Queen cannot become the hero he’s meant to be.

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ARROW 1.03 Lone gunmen

 ↳“This is going to sound crazy, but… from the moment I first set eyes on you I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”    - Oliver and Felicity

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